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If you are at epic.LAN, please go to http://tournaments.event.epiclan.net.

CS:GO Rollback

For those CS:GO teams at epic.SEVENTEEN. This is completely important information.

You MUST rollback your CS:GO to play in our tournament here. We took this decision yesterday as a Valve update has caused a number of game breaking issues and therefore we cannot be truly sure if it is a viable update at this time. Valve have since updated, but some issues still seem to be occurring.

With that said you MUST rollback the game. To do this, follow the instructions below.

  • Go to Library on Steam
  • Right Click CS:GO and click Properties
  • Go to BETA tab, and select dropdown.
  • Pick jan_27 and then click ok
  • Your game will update and rollback from our Steam Cache server.

Any problems please see your admins in Fair Isle.

Dota2 Streaming Schedule

Here is our Dota2 Stream Schedule for Friday 19th February.

11:00 Perilous.Ruin vs Inferno + 4

12:15 FrenZii Gaming vs Senses

14:00 Perilous.Ruin vs Senses

15:15 Crashing Into This LAN With No Survivors vs Meme Name Pending

16:30 FrenZii Gaming vs Inferno + 4

19:00 Double Elimination Round 1

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